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New Book Review………………….

Those of you who know me, know I read around a book a day or two, and I am involved in several different series. Ofcourse they are usually of the paranormal type……..I mean who wants to read about real life crap when we live that all ready everyday, lol. Anyways, sorry about the rant, the newest book in the “Dark Ones” series by Katie MacAllister came out recently, yaaaaa!!! And I give it a 5star rating!!

dark ones

“In the Company of Vampires” took a little different twist than the usual Dark Ones novels, everyone was one the level about who and what they were, no real learning curve required in this book, which is kind of nice sometimes. Breaks things up, not as repetative as many series tend to be for those who just start with this book, and none of the before explaining things. But don’t worry newbies the main dark one, Ben, did briefly explain “beloved” rules so you wont be completely lost. My favorite thing in this book, other than the love ofcourse,  is the three viking ghost, they are hallarious!!! I really hope they stick around and don’t get sent back to Valahalla for future books. Katie is very good at keeping light humor in most all of her books. I do have to say I was a little confused at first, because there didn’t seem to be any tie into the previous books,until later on, but Katie just had to explain the new relationship and goings on. The others do come along and the book makes sense as the next step in the series.

It is a definate must read! 


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