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This and That

Hey all, sorry I havent posted in awhile, just seems as soon as halloween is over, time just flies, busy at work, busy with programs and meetings and doctor appointments, you know, all the holiday fun plus everyday life, lol. Nicholas, my baby turned 16 in november, so going to get his driving permit and take drivers ed this summer, please keep him in all your prayers, he becomes a good and safe driver. Thanks giving, went by, I had to work(my holiday) but still managed to get loads cooked with hubby's help, and had a great meal with all the inlaws. But hubby must have ate something that didnt agree, spent the next three days and nights in the bathroom, finally on sunday I made him take something cause we had to get the tree with the boys, its a tradition the weekend after thanksgiving. Its was snowing good, and we found a great tree, and wreath, the boys had a great time. we also had our town's christmas parade this november, we got our cocoa, and sat in the back of the truck…