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"Tulip Bag"

Took a class last night and this is ,what acutally turned out to be, my ADORABLE  "tulip bag". I am unsure exatly why its called a tulip bag, but think it has to do with the panels you cut, they reminded me of flower petals. It's suppose to only take two hours, but I have no idea when they start timing, as took a good hour just to cut all the fabric, batting, durabond etc, let alone all the sewing after that, more like a 3-4hour project. But still very worth it! (all I need now is a cutie button)
 The next pic below,shows my lovely pockets. I put two big ones and one small on outside, and one big with one small on inside...
Look at all the stashing space! I did the JUMBO size, which is basketball size, so plenty big to use as a purse or, as I'm thinking, a knitting bag. But, who knows, it was easy enough that I could make several more and then use one as a purse too, lol.
Nathan and his ribbon, for Special Olympics Basketball Skills, he always enjoys himself, and ofcourse the McDonalds that follows, lol.

School Colors Hat

Nathan is a BIG supporter of his school team, so I crocheted him a quick hat, which ofcourse he loves....
A modified pattern from Lion Brand Yarn