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Thangle's/Autumn Star

Good morning everyone!! I went to a class last night and learn how to use "thangles" a very neat invention. The only drawback, like paper peicing, you have to go through and tear out the paper, uugh, BUT, my HST's sure look really nice! LOL!As you can see, I'm using a holiday theme. This are what the individual blocks look like, I got one of each of my four colors done. Below the picture gives you an idea what each square could look like, there will be four, making a nice sized wallhanging. Just like a log cabin there are many variations. I will post my final decision when done. I have all my HST done, and pressed, now tonight I will finish taking out all the thangle paper's.

Mystery Row by Row 4

This is my block four of the mystery row by row.              Clay's Choice Variation I am doing this in shades of blue as having troubles finding enough coordinating halloween fabric, but will still use those blocks in other things, and ofcourse I will post  pictures.

Respect PSA

Click on the underlined link below and you will see an awesome clip made by the ARC in need after that monstrosity of a movie "Tropic Thunder" I urge all the refuse to go see and encourage others also not to go.      Thankyou.                                                                  Respect PSA

Nathan, more driving

Since I allready told Irma, thought I would share the smiles. Yesterday I spent the day with my youngest, Nicholas, shopping as he is all arms and legs, you all know teenage boys, lol. Anyways that ment DH had the day with Nathan guy. My 17year old with down syndrome and autism. Well they went on a drive for pop and pizza pockets (nice food groups dad, lol) and hubby's car is a stick shift. Nathan pointed to the stick and states "whats this" and DH explained it makes the car go. He showed him the different numbers/gears and showed him how to shift hand over hand. By the time they were done Nathan is shifting all the gears each time hubby asks him too. So in addition to driving the lawn mower he can now shift gears on a manual. I'm just praying he remembers to lock the car doors, lol. What is it with men and their toys????? And thank the Lord mine is automatic, and wont shift without the keys, whew!

Mystery Row by Row

Here are my first two Mystery, Row by Row, blocks. I am working on the four #3 blocks currently. Using up my tricks or treats fabric. Checkerboard  blocksPractical Orchard Block Block #3 coming soon...............................................