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Nathan's Learning to Drive

As those of you from my yahoogroup know, Nathan has Down Sydrome and Autism, so still currently unable to drive our vehichles, as he is 17 years old on 08/08/08, and we can't seem to deter him from frequently getting behind the wheel in the driver's seat, dear hubby took it upon himself to teach Nathan to drive the lawn mower without the blades engaged.
Got the steering down, learning the gears.
Now I'm really feeling the speed, arn't I so cool!!!

Railing the corners,lol! Dad better hurry I will get away from him,lol.

My Nathan Guy's Birthday

Nathan enjoying his favorite of "orange pop" that all the relatives seem to remember,lol

Nathan's second favorite food, first is pizza,lol, second is pizza pockets!
enjoying his cards and money, during the bbq, being inpatient for his presents.
Ofcourse he wanted chocolate cake, so I made two sheet cakes for him, next year will just do the number candles instead of putting all those candles on and trying to light them.
This is hubby and our two other children, lol "B" short for "snugge b" is my only other girl in my household, and "duke" is in the red party wear as I dont know how to spell "lai?" They also had a great time and got lots of handouts as they are too cute to ignore.

Turning Twenty Again

This is my "Turning Twenty...Again" flannel, animal/outdoorsy print quilt that took me sooo long to post, all I have left is to decide on a border fabric. Im leaning towards a maroon or dark blue, then ofcourse for my next paycheck,lol.