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This and That

Hey all, sorry I havent posted in awhile, just seems as soon as halloween is over, time just flies, busy at work, busy with programs and meetings and doctor appointments, you know, all the holiday fun plus everyday life, lol. Nicholas, my baby turned 16 in november, so going to get his driving permit and take drivers ed this summer, please keep him in all your prayers, he becomes a good and safe driver. Thanks giving, went by, I had to work(my holiday) but still managed to get loads cooked with hubby's help, and had a great meal with all the inlaws. But hubby must have ate something that didnt agree, spent the next three days and nights in the bathroom, finally on sunday I made him take something cause we had to get the tree with the boys, its a tradition the weekend after thanksgiving. Its was snowing good, and we found a great tree, and wreath, the boys had a great time. we also had our town's christmas parade this november, we got our cocoa, and sat in the back of the truck…

More Halloween Fun!!

Here is our happy jack-o-latern!

Here is my younges Darth Vader, shhhhh it is really nicholas but dont tell anybody I told, lol. He wet trick-or-treating with his cousins, they got to use the younges fairy as an excuse for teenagers to go. It didnt seem to matter though he brought home his pumkin bucket stuffed full of goodies.

The kitties watching for ghoulies...........

Happy Halloween!!!



Nicholas and Nathan getting ready for Halloween, got to carve that pumkin!!
Sure is a messy job!!! Eeewwwwww!!!

Nathan doesnt seem to care though, just put in his hands and pulled out the guts, lol.

Special Olympics

Heres a picture of Nathan dancing and having a good time when he "Knocks them down!"

Special Olympics

Hey all, last week Nathan scored first in his division of bowling for special olympics, north central area, he, as we are, is very proud of his blue ribbon, but I think he enjoyed the McDonalds afterwards,lol. Now he gets to go to state next month, keep him in your thoughts and prayers for a medal!!

Thangle's/Autumn Star

Good morning everyone!! I went to a class last night and learn how to use "thangles" a very neat invention. The only drawback, like paper peicing, you have to go through and tear out the paper, uugh, BUT, my HST's sure look really nice! LOL!As you can see, I'm using a holiday theme. This are what the individual blocks look like, I got one of each of my four colors done. Below the picture gives you an idea what each square could look like, there will be four, making a nice sized wallhanging. Just like a log cabin there are many variations. I will post my final decision when done. I have all my HST done, and pressed, now tonight I will finish taking out all the thangle paper's.

Mystery Row by Row 4

This is my block four of the mystery row by row.              Clay's Choice Variation I am doing this in shades of blue as having troubles finding enough coordinating halloween fabric, but will still use those blocks in other things, and ofcourse I will post  pictures.

Respect PSA

Click on the underlined link below and you will see an awesome clip made by the ARC in need after that monstrosity of a movie "Tropic Thunder" I urge all the refuse to go see and encourage others also not to go.      Thankyou.                                                                  Respect PSA

Nathan, more driving

Since I allready told Irma, thought I would share the smiles. Yesterday I spent the day with my youngest, Nicholas, shopping as he is all arms and legs, you all know teenage boys, lol. Anyways that ment DH had the day with Nathan guy. My 17year old with down syndrome and autism. Well they went on a drive for pop and pizza pockets (nice food groups dad, lol) and hubby's car is a stick shift. Nathan pointed to the stick and states "whats this" and DH explained it makes the car go. He showed him the different numbers/gears and showed him how to shift hand over hand. By the time they were done Nathan is shifting all the gears each time hubby asks him too. So in addition to driving the lawn mower he can now shift gears on a manual. I'm just praying he remembers to lock the car doors, lol. What is it with men and their toys????? And thank the Lord mine is automatic, and wont shift without the keys, whew!

Mystery Row by Row

Here are my first two Mystery, Row by Row, blocks. I am working on the four #3 blocks currently. Using up my tricks or treats fabric. Checkerboard  blocksPractical Orchard Block Block #3 coming soon...............................................

Nathan's Learning to Drive

As those of you from my yahoogroup know, Nathan has Down Sydrome and Autism, so still currently unable to drive our vehichles, as he is 17 years old on 08/08/08, and we can't seem to deter him from frequently getting behind the wheel in the driver's seat, dear hubby took it upon himself to teach Nathan to drive the lawn mower without the blades engaged.
Got the steering down, learning the gears.
Now I'm really feeling the speed, arn't I so cool!!!

Railing the corners,lol! Dad better hurry I will get away from him,lol.

My Nathan Guy's Birthday

Nathan enjoying his favorite of "orange pop" that all the relatives seem to remember,lol

Nathan's second favorite food, first is pizza,lol, second is pizza pockets!
enjoying his cards and money, during the bbq, being inpatient for his presents.
Ofcourse he wanted chocolate cake, so I made two sheet cakes for him, next year will just do the number candles instead of putting all those candles on and trying to light them.
This is hubby and our two other children, lol "B" short for "snugge b" is my only other girl in my household, and "duke" is in the red party wear as I dont know how to spell "lai?" They also had a great time and got lots of handouts as they are too cute to ignore.

Turning Twenty Again

This is my "Turning Twenty...Again" flannel, animal/outdoorsy print quilt that took me sooo long to post, all I have left is to decide on a border fabric. Im leaning towards a maroon or dark blue, then ofcourse for my next paycheck,lol.

Stars and Stripes

This is my Stars and Stripes wallhanging, I made this July of 2008 for some Independence Day decor in my home. My embroidery card was giving me technical difficulties so I resorted to appliqued stars instead. I machine quilted a star design in the stars and in the ditch of the blue peiced stars and around the borders.