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Showing posts from November, 2010

Christmas Parade

Every year our little town has a Christmas parade, its short and sweet and we love to go.  We have cocoa while we stand in the cold and watch the parade. Then go on a ride to look at Christmas lights, followed up by chillie…mmmm!No snow as of yet to stick around but the floats and lights are pretty.Don’t forget santa, not a great pic…he moves to fast, lolAnd the “Abate” motorcycle club always give toys to the children watching the parade….Nathan is such a ham he received 3toys. We Thank You ABATE !!

Girl’s Day Out

Well me, my MIL, and SIL had a great day Friday!! All to ourselves!! We went over to Garner to visit Country Threads……..such a wonderful quilt shop!  Out in the country…..with all the animals to boot, running around. Wanting to be petted and checking out each of the new customers. Except the goats, lol they might eat the fabric and us, lol.

All grown up………sniff!…

My baby is no longer a baby, sniff, had his 18th birthday over the weekend. They grow waaaayyyy  too fast!! Went out for chinese per birthday request, and let me tell you being young but still growing “adult” males, my guys can really pack it in at the all you can eat buffett, lol

New Scarf

Since several things stored downstairs became unusable after our frequent flooding, including much of our winter wear, I am putting  my novice knitting skills to use. I know novice’s should stay away from fuzzy or feathery yarn, put I just love the feel of this and pink is one of my favorite colors. I am such a color and texture freak, lol. Hopefully I will be done before the snow starts.