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New Scarf

Since several things stored downstairs became unusable after our frequent flooding, including much of our winter wear, I am putting  my novice knitting skills to use. I know novice’s should stay away from fuzzy or feathery yarn, put I just love the feel of this and pink is one of my favorite colors. I am such a color and texture freak, lol. Hopefully I will be done before the snow starts.

nic's birthday 2010 003nic's birthday 2010 002


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Primrose Dishcloth

Here is a quickie crochet project! An almost too cute to use flower dishcloth, that a fellow group member, posted pattern for. It was fun and easy! Only took about 30 min, and I used varigated yarn instrad of solids, still turns out lovely.
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Beauty of Autumn

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The Green Family This is for my Nathan guy, born twenty years ago August with and extra chromosone, and continues to be a wonderful, loving soul to all of us that have the priviledge of being a part of his life.