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"Tulip Bag"

Took a class last night and this is ,what acutally turned out to be, my ADORABLE  "tulip bag". I am unsure exatly why its called a tulip bag, but think it has to do with the panels you cut, they reminded me of flower petals. It's suppose to only take two hours, but I have no idea when they start timing, as took a good hour just to cut all the fabric, batting, durabond etc, let alone all the sewing after that, more like a 3-4hour project. But still very worth it!
(all I need now is a cutie button)

 The next pic below,shows my lovely pockets. I put two big ones and one small on outside, and one big with one small on inside...

Look at all the stashing space! I did the JUMBO size, which is basketball size, so plenty big to use as a purse or, as I'm thinking, a knitting bag. But, who knows, it was easy enough that I could make several more and then use one as a purse too, lol.


Dian said…
Shawna, your bag is beautiful and so is your workmanship! Hugs, Dian
Quayceetatter said…
Very nice and roomy. Where can one get the pattern??
dorothy said…
Nice job, a big pink rose button would be fun.

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