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Muppets Movie

As many of you know, my oldest has down syndrome and autism and all it entails. Eventhough he is a lovely youngman, he still looks at the world with innocence of the child, I pray it is never taken a way from him....anyways he is a huge muppet maniac since he was a toddler and I borrowed some videos of the muppet show from a friend. He has his fav actual puppets that I have purchased over the years, and even several tshirts, which he tries to wear daily, lol. And ofcourse he has all the dvd's, several copies even, including the seasons 1-3 of the muppet show. Our small rural town FINALLY brought the new Muppets movie to town, only for 3days...what with that?...Ofcourse we took Nathan, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Fantastic for all ages! The little ones in the theater were intranced, and the adults often laughing at the remembered things they brought into the movie....since it kind of turns out they have been forgotten and need to make a comeback. If you get the chance, no matter your age, GO AND SEE IT!


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